Using WalletConnect

1. Open Your Mobile Wallet: Launch your preferred mobile wallet that supports WalletConnect. Examples include Trust Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, and Coinbase Wallet.

2. Find the WalletConnect Option: Look for the WalletConnect option within your mobile wallet. It's typically located in the settings menu or in the list of supported integrations.

3. Select "Connect to a DApp": Choose the option to connect to a decentralized application (dApp) using WalletConnect.

4. Scan the QR Code: On the dApp you wish to use, look for the WalletConnect QR code. Scan this QR code using your mobile wallet to establish a connection.

5. Confirm the Connection: Once the QR code is scanned, you'll be prompted to confirm the connection on your mobile wallet. Review the details and confirm to establish the connection.

6. Start Interacting with the dApp: Once the connection is established, you can start interacting with the dApp using your mobile wallet. You can perform various actions such as sending transactions, interacting with smart contracts, and more.

Security Features

End-to-End Encryption: WalletConnect uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your communication with dApps remains private and secure.

No Third-Party Servers: WalletConnect operates without any central servers, ensuring that your data is not stored or accessible by third parties.

User-Controlled: You have full control over which dApps you connect to and can easily disconnect at any time.